Successful surveillance investigators must be able to blend into the background of the surroundings and observe and record activities (video) without being noticed by the subject. Mobile, fixed and on-foot surveillance are the most commonly used methods. Proper surveillance requires a great deal of practice and experience. At Olivieri Investigations, we use highly skilled licensed investigators. Additionally, they are equipped with state of the art equipment to complement their ability. Surveillance of an individual's activities is used in many types of investigations. No matter what the case, Olivieri Investigations is dedicated to providing clients with effective surveillance solutions.

Counter Surveillance Detection

Often times, the best way to prevent unwanted surveillance from occurring is to be the one doing the surveilling, legally of course. This enables victims to become better aware of spying tactics launched by perpetrators. We offer the best counter surveillance detection service in the area. Our team is detected to keeping you and your family safe. Our investigators use the best technology available to perform these tasks. High-tech equipment is routinely installed to create comprehensive defense network to keep you safe.


If you're having marital issues, Olivieri Investigations offers matrimonial surveillance if you feel your partner is not being loyal. We're experts in the surveillance field and everything is kept discreet.


With a firm eye on detail, our approach to the adjustment of all insurance claims - large or small remains the same. Each a claim receives the same unswerving commitment to quality, integrity and excellence. Our adjusters have the experience and expertise necessary to bring any loss or claim to a swift and successful conclusion. Providing superior claims service to both  the policy holder and insurance carrier are uncompromised goals here at Olivieri Investigations.

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